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Thailand VIV| Luxi debut VIV ASIA 2023, shake hands with the


On March 8, VIV ASIA 2023 was held as scheduled, and Rouxi gathered with his global counterparts in Bangkok, Thailand. As the most influential and well-known animal husbandry exhibition in ASEAN region, VIV Asia continues to provide high-quality communication platform for suppliers of the whole industry chain of animal husbandry. This exhibition gathered more than 1200 enterprises from more than 60 countries and regions in the global livestock industry to participate in the exhibition, and livestock colleagues from more than 120 countries and regions around the world arrived at the scene.

01 Luxi appearance 4763 booths

The VIV exhibition, Luxi with patent products, fly control drugs, anti-coccidiasis drugs, insecticides, pet medicine, feed additives, growth promoters and a series of key products appeared on the scene,booth visitors in an endless stream, consultation, our staff to visitors to explain the company's product technical characteristics and application value. Luxi with excellent product quality and enthusiastic service attitude, has been highly praised and recognized by our customers!

Review the scene

Ear is still a noisy scene of people shuttling through

The company's booth 4763 is full of people

There are many domestic and foreign customers come here

We also made a lot of new friends

Ushered in a new opportunity

In this exhibition, we show the advantages of Luxi to buyers from all over the world, exchange and negotiate with livestock elites in various countries, and reach cooperation intentions.

02  Critically acclaimed and highly recognized

During the exhibition

Luxi brings superior products to exhibit at VIV Asia

The products on display attracted many visitors

An endless stream of clients are negotiating

On-site colleagues and customers in-depth discussion of product technology and characteristics by the majority of customers at home and abroad

The company's sales team has shown

 a full and positive face for global customers, brought professional and fine answers,

 and provided comprehensive and meticulous service. 

The company's advanced scientific research technology and open global layout help the global ecological green, 

high-quality sustainable development concept has been highly recognized by global customers

Highly recognized by global customers

03  Open the international circle of friends

Reach consensus with multinational customers

Come to a successful conclusion

This exhibition has come to a successful end. Luxi sincerely thanks all partners and friends from all walks of life for their attention and support. "To continuously create value for customers" is the corporate mission of Luxi.

Although the exchange at the exhibition has ended, our mission to create value for customers will not stop. In the future, Luxi will continue to adhere to the customer as the center, committed to providing customers with quality products and solutions, steadily push the industry to the domestic and foreign markets, establish a wide range of cooperative relations with domestic and foreign enterprises, so that more users benefit, jointly promote the development of animal husbandry industry, create a new international ecosystem.

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