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2023 VIV 鲁西兽药与您相约于南京



The three-day VIV was held from 6-8 September 2023 at the Nanjing International Expo Centre. Global industry leaders gathered in China's important livestock base, with Shandong Luxi Animal Medicine Share Co.,Ltd.


The exhibition area was reported to be as high as 50,000 square metres, with more than 500 exhibitors and 30,000 professional visitors. In 2023, VIV in Nanjing will focus on technological innovation and development, and work together with global livestock practitioners to practice the "environmentally friendly, resource-saving" concept of animal husbandry industry development.

山东鲁西兽药股份有限公司作为三十几年的老牌兽药企业,首当其冲。其新品,黑壳净,有 效地帮助了蛋鸡场解决鸡红螨问题,增加蛋产量,且低毒无刺激性气味,对环境友好,性价比高。新品环丙氨嗪 +呋虫胺可溶性粉主要用于控制动物厩舍内苍蝇和蝇蛆的繁殖。可控制多抗性蝇株,并对蟑螂、跳蚤、白蚁等害虫有效,且使用成本低,鲁西兽药真正奉行了帮养殖户省钱,真心为养殖户考虑的理念。

Shandong Luxi Animal Medicine Share Co.,Ltd as a veteran animal medicine enterprise of more than thirty years, bears the brunt. Its new product, 20% Fenvalerate Solution, effectively helps egg farms to solve the problem of red mite in chickens and increase egg production, with low toxicity and no irritating odour, which is friendly to the environment and cost-effective.The new product Cyromazine & Dinotefuran SP is mainly used to control the reproduction of flies and fly maggots in animal stables. Multiple resistant fly strains can be controlled. And effective to black beetle, fleas, termites and other pests,with low cost of use. Luxi Animal Medicine truly pursues the concept of helping farmers save money and genuinely considering for them.


During the exhibition, Luxi's unique patented products Abamectin Pour-on Solution 0.5% and Crude Extract of Smoked Plum attracted the attention of many exhibitors and exhibition visitors. Many customers on the spot showed their interest for these products, and generally recognised that the relevant products are easy to use, save energy and time, also a solution to the problem and good product worth purchasing.

展会期间,鲁西外贸团队热情地为前来咨询产品的客户解疑答惑,以礼相待,国内外客户都 纷纷表示了对鲁西兽药产品质量和服务的认可,称赞鲁西是值得合作的好企业。

During the exhibition, the foreign trade team of Luxi enthusiastically solved the questions and answered the questions of the customers who came to consult the products and treated them with courtesy, and the customers at home and abroad expressed their recognition of the quality of the products and services of Luxi Animal Medcinethey praised Luxi as a good enterprise worthy of co-operation.


In the future, Luxi Animal Medicine will be committed to researching more new products to help domestic and foreign customers solve breeding problems and achieve win-win cooperation.